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Solar madness casts a shadow over the Baltics

Aug. 11 was supposed to be a day of darkness - in every sense of the word - for Europe. An eclipse o

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Piecing together an identity

For Britt Woodhead, 20, Tallinn is both home and home away from home. The tall brunette currently wo

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A hostel that rides the Estonian rails

Tucked behind the National Railway Museum in Haapsalu, under the platform built for Czar Nicholas II

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Education in Latvia - a disaster!

Timber will soon run out, oil transit is risky business and the dairy industry is still trying to ov

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Stock markets: weekly report (August 6 - 13)

Estonia: Prices up in brisk tradingStock prices on the Tallinn Stock Exchange rose modestly last

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

Estonia> The Compensation Fund earned an operating profit of 72.6 million kroons ($4.97 million)

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Prices up on the Baltic bourses

Last week prices of most liquid shares climbed, but with low trading volumes it is difficult to call

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Summed up

BALTIC BOURSES MAY JOIN SOMETHING BIGGER: Cooperation among the three Baltic stock exchanges may lea

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Fuel price increase affects taxi companies

RIGA/TALLINN (BNS) - Latvian taxi companies reported experiencing difficulties because of the increa

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IMF evaluation interpreted

The results of the International Monetary Fund assessment of the state of the Latvian economy have

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