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Is the storm in Russia over?

The political storm in Russia did not have any major impact on European markets, including the tiny

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Lithuania still leadsin Baltic markets

Activity on the Vilnius bourse once again topped the combined turnover of the Estonian and Latvian e

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Summed up

ESTONIA REFORMS COLLECTION OF ALCOHOL EXCISE: Under a new alcohol excise tax bill drawn up by the Fi

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Analysts revise forecast for Estonian economy

TALLINN - The Estonian eco-nomy will grow a total of 0.4 percent in 1999, reported the Estonian Fina

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The future of Komercbanka uncertain

RIGA - Komercbanka has to be revitalized, the state decided, and set up the SIA Rigas Komercbanka Re

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Litimpeks offers plan to solve liquidity problems

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Litimpeks Bankas recently presented a strategy for solving its liquidity probl

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Mushroom exporters face tougher checks

TALLINN - Fearing that mushrooms from Chernobyl-affected areas may still be contaminated with radiat

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How much is that Teletubby?

VILNIUS - For the past year or so, the British-made Tele-tubbies show has managed to entrance childr

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First closed pension fund founded

RIGA - The telephone company Lattelekom founded the first closed pension fund in Latvia and signed a

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Brewery attracts investor

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Kaunas-based brewery Ragutis has a chance to regain lost market share with the a

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