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Dirt flies and divisions deepen: Kristopans faces cliff hanger...

RIGA - It is said that Latvians are such a squabbling lot that when two of them meet, they immediate

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Latvian soldiers rebuild Bosnia and beyond

Katya Cengel reports on Latvian soldiers from the Baltbat battalion who are helping both Latvia and

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Russian crisis clouds EU horizon

RIGA - So, the European Commission says Latvia is on track for EU membership. Not so fast. The on

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EU member countries cool on expansion

RIGA - Declining interest in eastern expansion among European Union member states may explain why no

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Estonia moving steadily toward EU

TALLINN - One year after becoming the only Baltic country to receive a coveted invitation to join th

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Imprisoned MP makes last minute appeal

VILNIUS (BNS) - In his final speech in a trial for attempted large-scale fraud, on Nov. 6 Lithuanian

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Long cold winter in store for Ivangorod

NARVA - Russians in the border town of Ivangorod had to wake up early Nov. 10 if they wanted to take

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Talking to little green men not allowed

VILNIUS (BNS) - The chief of Lithuania's Civil Aviation Inspection has lost his post due to his link

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MP cleared in manslaughter case

VILNIUS (BNS) - Lithuanian MP Laima Andrikiene has hailed the decision of the prosecutor general's o

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Remembering the past, stressing the future

VILNIUS - Eighty years ago, Augustinas Voldemaras became the first Lithuanian minister of foreign af

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