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Off the wire

SEX TOURISM ON THE RISE IN THE BALTICS: Child prostitution in the Baltics has become a serious probl

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Potential KGB collaborators dot election lists

RIGA - At least 11 candidates among the 1,083 running for parliament are suspected of links to the K

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An airport worthy of an EU contender

TALLINN - The first step to getting rid of the eyesore that is Tallinn's airport has been taken.

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Hunger strikers receive high ranking support

RIGA - Environmental activists on a hunger strike outside the Lithuanian embassy in Riga have receiv

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Lithuania's other religion

VILNIUS - For Lithuanians, basketball is an obsession. Everyone from the 80-year-old village woman t

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Viagra coming to Baltics, but not prematurely

They want it, and they want it now. They can't get it now, unless they can pay about $100 on the

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A house of God, but who owns the deed?

TALLINN - On just about any morning in Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, groups of tourists can be found t

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Dog days plague Latvian economics minister

RIGA - When sorrows come, they come not in single spies but in battalions.Economics Minister Laim

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A seeker's home

Stories told by a displaced Latvian maid inspired a program that helps Latvian youth who have no one

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Three Algerians ask for asylum at festival

TALLINN (ETA) - Two members of an Algerian male dance group in Tallinn for the folk festival Baltika

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