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Close calls on the high seas

TALLINN - Maritime experts have moved to reassure the public after the bow of a ferry was twice dama

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Estonia amends citizenship law: Naturalization eased for nearly 6,000 stateless children

TALLINN - With the OSCE and other Western institutions watching closely, the Estonian Parliament vot

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Lithuanians in Poland ask for help

WARSAW (BNS) - Polish Lithuanians sent a letter to Lithuania's president, parliamentary chairman and

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Oil spill in Tallinn port under control

TALLINN (BNS) - An oil slick containing an estimated 2 tons of diesel fuel that came from a Russian

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Baltic banks get low marks from OECD

RIGA - An economic development agency cited current account deficits in the Baltics as "particularly

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Journalist seeks asylum in Lithuania

VILNIUS (BNS) - A Russian journalist who asked for political asylum in Lithuania has received permis

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Scrambled brains and help campaigns

Katya Cengel learned the history of a trusted hot line reveals the mental health situation in Latvia

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Farmers protest near border points

TALLINN - Dissatisfaction with the government has again forced farmers to the point of protest - thi

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Mending broken soles

VILNIUS - Winter is the best season for shoe repairs. When people start coming home with wet and col

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Frosty November will go down in history

VILNIUS - Some calendars don't start counting winter until mid-December, but Balts know better. In L

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