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Belarusian pensioners fight for survival

VILNIUS - Belarusians who can manage it come to Vilnius often, dubbed "America" because it is the cl

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Explosion puts more heat on railways

RIGA - On top of the train crash a few weeks ago that was Latvia's worst since independence, the exp

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HIV infections rise dramatically

RIGA - HIV infections have exploded in Latvia, with nearly seven times as many diagnoses of the dise

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Electoral alliance ban brings confusion

TALLINN - Despite its intention of making the political scene in Estonia more transparent, the move

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Tougher language amendment rejected: Elected officials do not need high Estonian proficiency

TALLINN - An attempt to write into the Estonian constitution tougher language requirements for elect

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Off the Wire

FIGHTING FOR MINORITY RIGHTS: Polish-Lithuanian activists presented nearly 15,000 signatures of Viln

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Suspected arms dealer charged

TALLINN - Estonian security police have brought charges against a man wanted for three years on susp

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Ignalina shuts downÉagain

VISAGINAS - Less than a week after it was reopened, authorities were once again forced to shut down

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Foreign policy goals shift

TALLINN - It appears NATO membership will jump a few notches higher on Estonia's Christmas list this

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Baltic Assembly focuses on NATO

TALLINN - The door to NATO may be open, but the Baltics want to know whether they will ever be invit

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