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As the First Hotel in Estonia, Hilton Tallinn Park Introduces Stigo electric scooters

TALLINN - Stigo extended its network of electric scooters to the Estonian hotel landscape and started co-operating with Hilton Tallinn Park. Sta...

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Ülemiste Center to become the largest shopping center in the Baltics

Linstow Center Management, the leading developer and operator of shopping centers in the Baltics, recently held a capsule immuring ceremony for ...

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Ikea store in Latvia to offer more than 8,000 home furnishing products

RIGA – The Swedish home furnishing retailer Ikea that will open the first store in Latvia on August 30, will offer more than 8,000 home fu...

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Number of job vacancies down 2.9 pct in Lithuania

VILNIUS – There were 19,200 job vacancies in Lithuania in late June, down 2.9 percent, or 600, from the same period last year, the latest ...

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Tallink CEO: Tallinn's tourist tax would worsen situation of service industry

TALLINN – Paavo Nogene, CEO of the listed Estonian shipper Tallink Grupp, said that he does not support the proposal of chairman of the Ta...

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Moneyval decides Latvia is subject to enhanced follow-up procedures in AML/CFT

RIGA – The Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrori...

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HELLA officially started their production in Kaunas Free Economic Zone

German giant HELLA announced about the construction of its plant at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone just 10 months ago. ...

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SkyWay creator files lawsuit for 10 million euros against Lithuania

On August 16, 2018, a legal claim in the amount of 10,043,182.16 euros was submitted to the court of the Republic of Lithuania. The respondent w...

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VAT fraud scheme involving Lithuanians, Latvians uncovered

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) has busted a group of Lithuanian and Latvian nationals who imported 50 to...

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Calendar of main business events in Baltic states this week

RIGA/TALLINN/VILNIUS - The following is the calendar of main business events scheduled in the Baltic states next week.

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