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Latvia must abide by rule-of-law to be able to defend itself in danger

RIGA - Latvia will be strong enough to defend itself in case of danger only if it abided by the principles of the rule-of-law and poli...

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Agriculture ministers of Estonia, China speak about trade

TALLINN – A meeting between Estonia's Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm and China's Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu on the ...

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Driverless buses traveled 1,300 km in month in Tallinn

TALLINN – Self-driving buses, which in the framework of a pilot project carried passengers between Viru Square and the Tallinn Creative Hu...

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Oudekki Loone thanks Greek minister for shunning Tallinn conference

TALLINN - Estonian MP Oudekki Loone has sent a public letter of gratitude to Greece's Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis, who turned down an ...

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Lithuania's school year extended by 10 days, national defense, sex education courses addded

VILNIUS - Lithuania's new school year starting next week will be ten days longer and several new subjects, including national security and d...

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Tallinn Zoo's rhino calf named Kibeta

TALLINN - A naming panel at Tallinn Zoo has chosen Kibeta as the name for the rhino baby that was born at the zoo in early June. &#...

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Mediation process between and State Revenue Service closed

RIGA – The mediation process between the Latvian State Revenue Service and classified ads portal has been closed successfully, while...

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Number of schoolchildren and number of schools changing at very different paces – Sadurskis

RIGA - The number of schoolchildren and the number of schools in Latvia are changing at very different paces, Education and Science Mi...

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Lithuanian parliament renews discussion about granting president's status to Landsbergis

VILNIUS - A new attempt will be made to grant the status of a former president and associated guarantees to Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuania'...

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Lithuanian government to keep up pressure on Belarus over nuclear plant, to seek good economic ties

VILNIUS - Members of the Lithuanian Cabinet agreed on Thursday to keep up the pressure on Belarus over the safety of the Astravyets nuclear powe...

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