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Lithuanian Christian Democrats propose Scandinavian model to combat country's "alcoholism epidemic"

The Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrat party proposed the country should follow the Scandinavian model of selling alcohol only in sp...

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Latvia to commemorate Holocaust victims with series of January events

The Latvian Foreign Ministry announced a number of events will take place across the country between January 22 and 29, in relation to Internati...

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Latvian President hospitalised

Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis has been hospitalised in Riga’s Gailezers hospital.  The news was broken...

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Russia should be excluded from the Council of Europe

BRUSSELS - For the third year in a row Russia's membership in the Council of Europe will be discussed by its Parliamentary Assembly shortly....

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New Polish Government not to be feared, but needs to be embraced

The election of a right wing government in Poland just a few months ago is already sending ripples of anxiety across the region — and thro...

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Not all of them, not even close

What happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve was terrible.  A mob attacking a much smaller group of women, with groping, robbery and, a...

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Here’s how the Poles can help Ukraine decentralize

Last month, Polish president Andrzej Duda visited Kyiv and pledged to assist Ukraine in implementing its reforms to decentralize the state. &ldq...

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Putin’s next potential target: The Baltic States

Although Russia’s economy is reeling and its military forces are increasingly engaged in Syria and Ukraine, NATO commanders, governments, ...

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Italian: Riga’s Casa Nostra restaurant

Casa Nostra is a freshly-opened Italian restaurant in central Riga, run by Adriano Carlesi and Sandra Klavina, a Latvian-Australian who has live...

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Vilnius gets vision

VILNIUS - Plans for the new Modern Art Center (MAC) in Vilnius brim with ambition. Occupying a site area of 3,100 square metres, the MAC will un...

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