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Ageing, inequality and insufficient workforce Latvia's biggest challenges: new survey

Latvian residents believe that the main challenges the country will face in the years to come are the ageing population, inequality and a decrea...

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Baltic countries submit joint EC funding application for Rail Baltica

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and the joint-stock company RB Rail have submitted a joint application to the European Commission signed by the tr...

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Belarus is "the key to the Baltic countries" for Putin: Shevtsova

For Vladimir Putin, Belarus is “the key to the Baltic countries” as a military-strategic outpost and thus quite possibly Minsk will ...

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Lithuania leads Europe in fibre-optic network penetration

According to the annual report of the FTTH Council Europe, Lithuania has retained its leading position in Europe in fibre-optic (FTTH) Internet ...

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Moscow's main goal in Baltics to sow doubts about NATO response

Moscow’s “main goal” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at the present time is to convince portions of the population of these t...

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Lithuanian Defence Council decides to reintroduce military conscription

Having assessed the current geopolitical situation and threats to the state's security, Lithuania's State Defence Council has decided to...

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Defence experts: snap military drills could be prelude to Russian assault on Baltics

Increasingly frequent snap military drills being carried out by Russia near its eastern European neighbors could be part of a strategy that will...

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Estonia celebrates 97 years since first independence

The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 97th anniversary today (Tuesday, February 24), with most of the highest-profile events taking place this ...

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Russia bullies Sweden and Sweden blinks

Sweden has, if nothing else, added a new definition to the concept of partnership. Earlier this week the Swedish daily Expressen&n...

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No ice roads in Estonia this winter

This winter has been relatively mild meaning that no open ice roads have opened on Estonian waters and the Highways Board has by now completely ...

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