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Financial Storm Clouds Gather around the Sigulda Opera Festival

An outdoor opera inevitably makes its audience nervous.  Nay-sayers will look ominously to the skies, and expect ...

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Fleeing Russian recession, Kubana finds new Latvian home

Kubana, originally an alternative festival that launched in a remote Russian region six years ago, has moved to Riga and will take p...

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Riga hosts Europe's Pacific Islands Festival

From July 31 to August 2, Riga will host the Pacific Islands Festival Europe (PIFE). The festival will be held at the Riga Jewish Community Cent...

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Iconic Jazz Stars take centre stage

RIGA - Jazz lovers in Riga will be spoilt rotten by an upcoming visit of a number of internationally acclaimed jazz musicians, who will be perfo...

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Vija Vetra, dancing legend and poets’ muse, breezes back to Latvia

RIGA - Vija Vetra, who turned 92 this year, is a true example of an artist who has lived her passion for dance her entire life. She has returned...

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“Enemy music”

RIGA - The distinguished writer of popular music, pianist, and one of Latvia’s renowned  composers, Raimonds Pauls told The Baltic Ti...

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Remembering the roots at Baltica

In this modern age, with mobile phones, computers and the Internet, it is hard to stick only to traditions of one nationality. Globalisation mea...

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Hoops and pucks under Jurmala’s pine trees

The Baltic Times chief sports contributor Victor Shestopalov tells the story of Jurmala’s professional and amateur sports. &#...

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Romas Zabarauskas: the gay Lithuanian filmmaker making a meat-free movie

VILNIUS - WFor Romas Zabarauskas, his latest film, You Can’t Escape Lithuania, it’s all about creative freedom, self-reflection and ...

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All aboard the Klaipeda Sea Festival

KLAIPEDA - The tradition of the Sea Festival is one of Klaipeda’s valuables and a historical gift which represents the city and its nautic...

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