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Time to be bolder

Latvia’s Minister of Economics Daniels Pavluts published an article (Nacionala industria

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Dire straits ahead for the Latvian language

Is it enough for a language to be made official by referendum in order to enjoy a perfectly se

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Some tips for politicians

The parliamentary election campaign goes full speed in Lithuania. The ruling-center right does

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Building smarter cities

Like any expert in new technologies, Jarmo Tuisk, head of the Technology and Innovation Divisi

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Estonia’s strategic future

Estonia has had, through history, one of the most vulnerable geopolitical positions in the wor

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A shaky month for the rule of law

Respect for the rule of law has had a bumpy ride in Lithuania during the past month. The count

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President’s squire-turned-critic to bring nuke to a referendum

Linas Balsys, a 50-year old journalist and former special correspondent for the Lithuanian Nat

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Latvia Ltd. and Deutschland GmbH

Since the onset of the World Financial Crisis in 2008, one may witness a decrease of support f

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Speed cameras: for safety or profit?

Recently mass media has initiated the discussion on whether speed cameras have been introduced

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Energetic for solutions

Current member of the European Parliament Arturs Krisjanis Karins participated last February i

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