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Driven by the sweet but relentless craving for power

As much as Algimantas Matulevicius, an ex-parliamentarian and a key figure in overthrowing the

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Boycotting Baku?

This year’s version of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to kick off next week in

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Is the economy doing as well as we think?

Estonia has had a strange couple of years. On the one hand, it was very hard hit by the econom

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Revolution, break-up, and thinking positively

Acting as a conduit to the three Baltic States, newly appointed Ambassador of the Czech Republ

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The end of modern politics?

The question whether modern politics, the way it has existed for centuries, will survive the 2

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Lithuania’s president stumbles - again

President Dalia Grybauskaite remains by far Lithuania’s most popular politician. Her hon

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The construction watchdog: “Let’s build responsibly!”

Forty-four year-old Diana Varnaite, an alumnus of Vilnius University’s History departmen

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A narrowing of democracy?

Referendums are a good way of finding out what the people of a country think about one issue o

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Stop the social genocide!

The population of Latvia is ageing rapidly. However, this situation is common throughout Europ

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Class truant who got hooked on politics

If not for the shift in history, 40-year-old Vladimiras Laucius, a well-known Lithuanian polit

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