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The new Russia with the worn-out leader

That Russia is not the Soviet Union seems obvious to anyone more or less familiar with history

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Disagreement roils Lithuania’s government

The Lithuanian government is undergoing its most severe test since its formation at the end of

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Bulgarian novelist who is fascinated with Lithuania

Stanislava Ciurinskiene Vinciune, a 36-year-old Bulgarian novelist, provoked big media interes

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It is what it is

There was really never any doubt, I suppose. The man who has essentially been Russia’s d

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Election-related puzzlement for a liberal

For whom should I vote? That is the Hamlet-style question for a liberal and eurofederalist vot

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Fighting the good fight

Nils Muiznieks has been one of the most important voices in the field of Human Rights and Raci

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Another traitor caught in Estonia

Last week saw the Estonian Security Police (KaPo) reveal that one of their own employees, Alek

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My European hopes for 2012

STRASBOURG - Our newly elected President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, started hi

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A crisis of European identity

The Euro crisis was and still is the main concern of the European Union. Meanwhile, the crisis

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How Estonia is setting the bar for ‘smart defense’

In April 2011 Mart Laar became Estonia’s Minister of Defense. For some analysts in the f

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