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Why do people need cardio training?

Unfortunately, problems with the heart are not uncommon for the modern human.Everythi

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Nature on the big screen

TALLINN - Spring and autumn are considered to be the best seasons of the year in Estonia. Howe

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Upcoming Events - 2010-09-16

Sting with “The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra”Sept. 17 Siemens Are

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Lithuania’s battle against the Swedes in Latvia

VILNIUS - This year, Lithuania at the highest state-level celebrates the 600-year anniversary

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Tips for correct posture

Good posture is important not only for the health of the spine. People who keep their back str

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Belly dance with a benefit for women’s health

It is believed that the belly dance (also called the Arab or Eastern dance) is performed solel

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The music plays on

Tribute bands at their best are not just about looking and sounding like their famous counterp

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Good, clean, sweaty fun

Despite one of the warmest summers on record, many Europeans like to get hotter still. An exhi

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Upcoming Events - 2010-09-08

Sting with “The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra”Sep

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Estonian design is at your service

TALLINN - Estonian applied art and product design has a long tradition, and during recent year

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