The music plays on

  • 2010-09-09

Tribute bands at their best are not just about looking and sounding like their famous counterparts, they are about capturing the essence and spirit of the real article. In this respect, The Cavern Beatles are the industry leaders. Their passion for the music comes across to the audience, who are always left with the impression that during the performance the band is having a great time, too. It is obvious from individual photographs who are supposed to be who, but when the band comes together on stage, the likenesses become even more striking. As musicians, The Cavern Beatles have researched their parts meticulously, from chord shapes to drum fills, to ensure the music is represented as accurately as possible.
As the trend for tribute bands continues to grow, The Cavern Beatles pride themselves on being one of the most well-established and highly respected bands in their field, replicating the look and sound of The Beatles with intense passion and precision.

All four band members are Liverpool born and bred, giving them an authentic edge and the natural ability to re-create the Fab Four’s catalogue with effortless accuracy.
Drawing on an extensive repertoire of hits and album tracks, The Cavern Beatles remain one of the few Beatles tribute bands to play the entire set completely live, using no backing tracks, producing a fully authentic representation of the music.
The band’s breath-taking attention to detail extends to the use of genuine 1960s instruments, and all of the equipment seen on stage is the same as that used by The Beatles wherever possible.

With their widespread appeal being more apparent than ever in the varying age groups that continue to follow the band, The Cavern Beatles are widely regarded as being as close to the real thing as one is ever likely to get. If there is a better Beatles tribute band, then you’d better believe in ghosts. The impersonations are uncanny and The Beatles’ sound is recreated to perfection.

The band is scheduled to perform on Sept. 24 in Riga Congress Hall and on Sept. 25 in Forum Palace in Vilnius.