Why do people need cardio training?

  • 2010-09-15

Unfortunately, problems with the heart are not uncommon for the modern human.
Everything has an impact: bad ecology, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, low physical activity, obesity and a lot of other things. A healthy heart, however, is our guarantee for long life and good health.
Of course, in order to keep the heart healthy you need to give up bad habits, have proper nutrition and enough sleep. But no less important are moderate physical exercises. This is why when training in fitness clubs it is desirable to spend at least 30 minutes on cardio-exercises. This amount of time is enough to improve cardiac function and prevent cardiovascular problems in the future.
Now you only need to choose the appropriate form of such training. Here’s a quick overview that will help you with this:

Walking. You can start doing this cardio training at any time and almost anywhere. The only thing you have to remember is the handwork, which is sometimes overlooked. Therefore, a more effective kind of walking is the so-called Nordic Walking. Legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles are all used in Nordic Walking. When walking with walking-sticks at a fast pace up to 90% of body muscles are active. The load is distributed over the entire body when you use so many muscle groups and, therefore, you feel less fatigue. This is a good aerobic exercise, which increases energy expenditure by 20-40% in comparison to normal walking. It perfectly relaxes the neck and shoulders in cases of osteochondrosis. You train your endurance, as well as strength, agility, coordination of movements, but not speed. If you still prefer ordinary walking then don’t forget to bend and unbend your hands in motion and it will become your favorite cardio-exercise, because nothing else is required and you will see the result immediately in the form of perfect digestion, good mood and energy charge.

Running. This is the best cardio workout. Running is effective in all senses, and at the same time it is very accessible. You will only need a couple of good running shoes: with a thick sole for the winter and a thin sole for the summer. Arch supporters are mandatory! If the shoes are unsuitable, then you will experience pain in the knees and shins.

Cycling. It is excellent training! Of course, it is best to do it in the fresh air. But in the winter or in rainy weather, you can use an exercise bicycle. Cycling on a hilly terrain is very good training, and cycling up a hill is excellent exercise for the heart muscle. By the way, a bicycle with several gears allows you not to get very tired in the beginning.

Walking up the stairs. If you live in a high-rise building, try not to use the elevator and get to your apartment on foot. Going upstairs perfectly stimulates the heart.

Elliptical training simulator. If you go to the gym, be sure to dedicate some time to this wonderful gym apparatus, which allows you to distribute the load to all parts of the body. Now it is one of the most popular simulators, because it simulates running, walking uphill, running uphill and strengthens the heart in general. This is why nowadays so many people buy this kind of training simulators instead of exercise bicycles.

Swimming. It’s simple, you just need go to the pool or to the beach and swim. The best technique for cardio workout is breast-stroke, besides it gives the highest adrenaline. But also other techniques can be quite effective, especially if you do not forget about intensive footwork. Nowadays many clubs have pools, so it would be great to start the workout with swimming!

Step-aerobics. Of course, training in the hall with good company and a professional instructor is very effective. But these exercises can be practiced at home, turning on a DVD with a ready set of exercises. This is a very interesting way to listen to good rhythmic music and train your heart at the same time. Only dancing can possibly give a similar effect. In addition, training at home will save a lot of time!

Boating. If you live near a lake or a river, where there is such a club, then you should definitely join it. A training simulator that simulates the motions of a rower is also a very good source of adrenaline and the hands receive excellent training of all the muscles. There are also such simulators, where legs move along with the hands, and it becomes a very useful cardio-load.

Badminton, Handball and Racquetball. Can be done with a partner or also when you are alone. There are special halls equipped for such training. Now you can try these exercises, because you know that they are not just funny and interesting, but also incredibly useful. And no, hitting a ball against the wall is not boring! Just please be sure to wear eye protection, because this small blue ball bounces very quickly and can be difficult to follow when you first try it.

Boxing and kick-boxing. It is excellent training for the heart and coordination of movements. In addition, kick-boxing can strengthen the legs a little more. And if you have problems with coordination and keeping balance, then simple classic boxing is best for you. It is a trendy training nowadays, especially for business women.

Yoga. Believe it or not, but some of the yoga exercises have quite enough energetic load, during which the heart is beating quite intensively. For example, Ashtanga-yoga is a wonderful combination of yoga poses and aerobics. You do not need any special clothes or even shoes for these exercises. The main thing is to follow the advice of the instructor and it will not take long to reach the results. In addition, you can do simple exercises at home as morning exercises.

Breathe deeply. The average person at rest takes 16 to 19 breaths per minute. In order to normalize your pressure, try to reduce this figure to 10. According to the researchers from the David Anderson’s Institute that study the problem of aging, this simple breathing exercise slows down the process of secretion of salts into the blood, which, in turn, raises the pressure.

But even if you do not have enough time to exercises properly, remember that a short training is still better for you than doing nothing.