Belly dance with a benefit for women’s health

  • 2010-09-09

It is believed that the belly dance (also called the Arab or Eastern dance) is performed solely in order to seduce a man. In reality this is not true. Belly dance has a very beneficial effect on women’s health.

This dance is covered with legends. Some say that it originally comes from India, others argue that it was invented in Egypt. There is a version that the moves of the dance were invented in harems, so that the numerous wives of sheiks were able to preserve their health despite the extremely rare visits of the husband.

Pelvic circulation improves during belly dancing. The movements affect the mobility of joints very well, muscles become more elastic, the abdominal muscles work hard, the shoulder girdle and muscles of the hands and feet are strengthened. In addition, a woman discovers and understands herself in this dance. All of us have a lot of complexes and suppressions. While dancing, we get rid of them, become softer, more feminine. Of course, this positively affects our lives.

Belly dance differs from other physical activities such as, for example, aerobics: all movements should be performed not tensing the muscles, but rather relaxing them. Many of the elements of this dance, such as “Shimmy” (shaking) for instance, are performed with completely relaxed muscles. It gives greater amplitude. If a person is tense, stiff, the movements are hard to perform, and vice versa, if a person is relaxed, they are better and more beautiful.  In belly dance, “Shimmy” is based completely on relaxation. It gives an effect that is similar to a drainage massage - it is very healthy for the skin, it smoothes and improves its tone.

This dance can help you get rid of many diseases, such as:
•    Erosion (movements with contractions of muscles of the vagina facilitate healing);
•    Gastritis;
•    Scoliosis (not very severe);
•    Inflammatory processes, but not in the acute phase;
•    Adhesive disease (adhesion is a growth of connective tissue on the site of surgery or inflammatory processes, which may cause Fallopian tube obstruction, adherence of an ovary to the uterus, leading to infertility);
•    Small bleeding connected with menstruation (the load should be increased gradually);
•    Falling of the womb.
•    Thanks to this dance a long-awaited pregnancy can occur.

To whom these exercises are contraindicated
The belly dance cannot be considered a panacea for all diseases. If you are mentally and physically healthy and balanced, full of enthusiasm, you can safely attend belly dance classes. But if you have any of the following diseases, belly dance is contraindicated:
•    Flat feet (as you would have to work on the tips of the toes);
•    Problems with the spine: hernia of intervertebral disk (bigger than 8 mm, if less, e.g. 4-6mm - then you can exercise), displacement of vertebrae (it is a relative contraindication, because it should be examined according to the situation. Sometimes the exercises can actually fix it all, but still you need to consult a good neurologist, surgeon or a chiropractor).
•    Ovarian disease, tumor, acute inflammatory processes, purulent processes, hypertension in acute phase, cholecystitis complicated by cholangitis and suppurative processes, cyst, myoma, Fallopian tube blockage;
•    Strong pain and heavy bleeding connected with menstruation;
•    Varicosity, heart diseases, angina of rest and stress (may exercise with great caution, but it is better not to risk);
•    Blockades, aneurysm, hypertension;
•    Pulmonary tuberculosis, exacerbated bronchitis, obstructive bronchitis (this is an absolute contraindication);
•    Acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer as well as exacerbations of any disease in general;
•    Any problems with the liver;

For children:
•    Shaking is prohibited;
•    Small waves and plastique can be done at the age of 5;
•    At the age of 8 to 11 – slight blows (slowly), slight shaking (working out the ankle and lifting the heel from the floor), as well as the so-called “eights”.

Let’s pay special attention to the fact that belly dancing should be prohibited for pregnant women. Some doctors say that belly dance classes can be attended during the first several months, but experienced experts unanimously say: NO! Why not? Because you are in a vulnerable condition and may put yourself and your unborn baby at risk. Before pregnancy, you strengthen your health with the help of belly dance, you prepare your body. But when the long-awaited conception occurs, it is better to stop exercising. You can continue dancing after giving birth, but, of course, not right away. Nowadays it is very difficult to keep the child. Now, many say that there are no healthy people. So is there any sense to take such risks?

Special gymnastics for pregnant women and various breathing exercises are, of course, a different thing and are recommended. But belly dancing - no. Therefore, consider all the pros and cons before you expose yourself and your future child to risk. No one is safe from miscarriage... unfortunately...

A few recommendations for those who choose to go in for belly dance
•    Do not exercise with bare feet! Better wear socks or exercise slippers.
•    During menstruation it is better not to train at all, or at least reduce the load (exclude the frontal waves).
•    Keep your posture!

Take care of yourself and the dance becomes your loyal ally!
And besides the health-improving effect, belly dancing gives women a strong emotional charge. It always delights the audience (especially male) and draws applause and admiration.