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Stories that made the headlines in 2009

Here we are again, dear readers, another year at an end. Before we move on, let’s take o

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A different taste

VILNIUS - At a time when hypermarkets and supermalls seem to shoot up wherever you turn, openi

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Have a look inside your body

TALLINN - Our bodies are our most important possession. They are intricately developed machine

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Different approaches to be applied for tackling seashore erosion

KLAIPEDA - The local authorities’ and Lithuania’s environmental scientists’

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November is not just doom and gloom

RIGA - All nations of the world complain, but few do it with as much relish as the British. In fact,

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The estate of horror

VILNIUS - On All Saints Day, Nov. 1, and All Souls Day, Nov. 2, Lithuanians visit cemeteries and com

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Having an odd time: a postcard from Europe's crisis capital

RIGA - From afar, brutal GDP and unemployment numbers make Latvia's recession look like a tragedy. B

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Largest data center in the Baltics

DEAC, a Latvian IT outsourcing company, operating on the IT market already for 10 years, has

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Some things to be aware of when you're heading abroad

TALLINN - Living in a new culture can be exhilarating, personally rewarding, and intellectually stim

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Klaipeda Zoo embraces autumn's tranquility

Klaipeda - If you are standing in Jonusai, the serene, country-like vicinity on the outskirts of Kla

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