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One woman's deep retreat from the rat race

RIGA - In these difficult times, a high-flying corporate career would be a dream for many in the Bal

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A sweaty solution to the Baltic winter blues

RIGA - By all accounts, the economic troubles threaten to make the next few months even colder than

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Trapped by Half-Truths

Are the Baltic countries and Ukraine really praising to the skies their WWII Nazi collaborators, or

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The Millennium's exhibition and funeral

VILNIUS - Lithuania celebrates its millennium this year. The reason for the celebration is as follow

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Hair today, gone tomorrow: waxing lyrical for the body beautiful

Waxing is a way of life for Baltic ladies, as their silky smooth calves and barren bikini lines test

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Coasting to a different beat

RIGA - Most visitors to Latvia only get near the seaside at Jurmala. But the country can boast almos

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Baltic people remember their joint struggle for independence

RIGA - Chains are usually a very negative symbol in human affairs. However, one particular chain in

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There's more to do than sitting in the hot sun at this seaside village

RIGA - Given the fleeting nature of the local summers, it is small wonder that Balts make the most o

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Inernational guests throw spotlight on New Wave festivities

RIGA - Well, that's it. Last week, on Sunday August 2, perhaps the most famous musical contest in th

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If you want to work abroad, first find a reliable employment agency

TALLINN - In today's global economic crisis, many people in Estonia are starting to think of looking

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