Dual citizenship for the selected few

VILNIUS - Article 12 of the Lithuanian Constitution reads, "Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania

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The search for hops heaven

VILNIUS - The first time I came to Lithuania, I walked into a bar, looked at the beer taps and wonde

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The Baltics' eastward expansion

RIGA - It was not so long ago that the phrase "go West young man" resounded in the air both in the U

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VECC stalls out amid finance woes

VILNIUS - Following a brilliant fireworks display on New Year's Eve, the Vilnius European Capital of

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Eesti gets the blues

TARTU - I met the young but experienced members of the Estonian blues band "Bullfrog Brown" for the

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The great Latvian brain drain

RIGA - Gints Fricbergs is educated and articulate. He holds a Masters degree in Social Science.

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Pensioners left out in the cold - Government anti-crisis plan raises taxes but not pensions

VILNIUS - As Lithuania's economic slowdown continues, elderly pensioners are facing the grim reality

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Book review: 'Vilnius 's City of Strangers' not so strange

VILNIUS - Just in time for the millennium celebration of Lithuania, writer and historian Laimonas Br

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