Largest data center in the Baltics

  • 2009-10-15

DEAC, a Latvian IT outsourcing company,
operating on the IT market already for 10 years, has opened its second data center in Riga, Latvia.

DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis shares his gratitude.

Year     Turnover, Euros
2009    2,300,000 (planned)
2008    1,578,000
2007    1,144,000

So, a brand new data center finally opened?

Yes, from September 24, our new data center "Riga" is officially operational. An "under construction" period lasted a bit longer than we planned, but you know, rushing it is not good in such large projects. And, we are very satisfied with the result. Data center "Riga" is now the biggest and most powerful data center in the Baltic States.

What makes this data center so special?

Its area and extremely modern infrastructure. Our server room can fit in all the servers of the TOP 500 Latvian companies (the server room area of 600 sq.m fits about 8,000 servers). And infrastructure that provides an ideal and controlled environment for server equipment. Power supply, air conditioning and communications are duplicated, according to Uptime Institute TIER III/IV levels. With a view on future needs, in 2011 an expansion is planned 's for the server area to increase up to 1,400 sq.m. (20,000 servers). A maximum server area capacity is several thousand sq. m. - over 40,000 servers). This data center is our largerst investment project so far 's we've invested more than 2.8 million euros in total.

But "Riga" is not your only data center?

Yes, DEAC has now become a data center operator, as "Riga" is our second data center. The first one 's the subterranean "Grizinkalns," was opened in 2000 in a former Soviet army bunker. It is located 9 meters above sea level, but at the same time 12 meters below ground. "Grizinkalns" is one of a kind in Eastern Europe. According to its technical specification, it can withstand a direct strike from a 15 kiloton atom bomb and offer protection against the radiation arising from such an explosion.

A short flashback on DEAC's history?

DEAC was founded in 1999. We were the founders of IT service outsourcing in Latvia and one of the first companies in Latvia to explain the nature and benefits of outsourcing to the Latvian business community. First large customers/projects, first foreign companies-customers, data center "Grizinkalns" efficiency enlargement, first 1,000 customers, partnership with IT greats DELL, APC, Microsoft, triggering our large school system Project "e-class" ISO 9001 certification. During the course of its operating history, DEAC has successfully consolidated its positions within the IT outsourcing service providers' market and provides its services to almost 2,000 customers.

Can you mention who are some of your largest customers/ projects?

The largest Latvian web projects like;; Bank of Latvia; Danske Bank; Seesam Latvia; companies from the media industry: Dienas Bizness; TV3 Latvia; Digital Times; Radio SWH; Star FM; mobile operators Tele2; ZetCom; Spanish Telecommunication company Telefonica, and other big companies like Aigas nams, GS4 Group, DEPO, and Aldaris.
Your future plans?

Well, all of the planned profit for 2009 is going to be reinvested in data center "Riga," in development, and I think we have a strong chance to become a serious player in the European data center market within a few years, and export about 50% of our services to countries like Russia, Sweden, Germany and Finland.