Have a look inside your body

  • 2009-12-03
  • By Ella Karapetyan

IS IT STILL HALLOWEEN? From head to toe this exhibit takes you on an educational trip through the human body.

TALLINN - Our bodies are our most important possession. They are intricately developed machines; more complex and wondrous than all the computers and gadgetry we surround ourselves with today. Yet, many of us do not know what makes us tick - how we function, what we need to survive, what destroys us, what revives us.
For nearly 35,000 years, since the first known depiction of the human form, we have been fascinated by our own bodies. Through the ages artists have sought to represent the body through sculptures, paintings, prints and sketches. The “Bodies Revealed” exhibition  now presents the real thing!

From Nov. 13 to Feb. 28, Tallinn is hosting the world-known international exhibition called “Bodies Revealed,” which is a phenomenal exhibition about the amazing and complex machine we call the human body. This is an opportunity for those that don’t understand the science behind a lot of the exhibits to learn about the body.
Tallinn’s Solaris Center welcomes all its visitors and guests to take part in this exhibition, organized by Dr. Roy Glover, a former anatomy professor at the University of Michigan, and Premier Exhibition, Inc. The exhibition features real human bodies and organs that have been donated to medical science.

“Bodies Revealed” showcases meticulously dissected real human body specimens that are preserved through an innovative process and respectfully presented, giving visitors the opportunity to view the beauty and complexity of their own organs and systems.
The organizers of the exhibition find that “Bodies Revealed” allows people to learn about their own bodies and, ultimately, teaches them how to take better care of their health and make positive lifestyle choices. The exhibition enables the visitors to see and understand the medical conditions friends and family members face in a whole new way – by highlighting pressing health concerns, including obesity, breast cancer, colon cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, ectopic pregnancy, arthritis, osteoporosis and bone fractures. The exhibition also highlights damage done to organs due to the perils of smoking and dietary excesses.
Dr. Ray Glover, the chief medical director for “Bodies Revealed,” says that the exhibition uses real human specimens instead of constructed models, because he finds that “seeing promotes understanding, and understanding promotes the most practical kind of body education possible.” He also states that “the body doesn’t lie!”

Dr. Glover claims that the specimens in this exhibition will show the visitors the body and its parts as they really exist. “Idealized models have been used for many years to teach about the body. However, they don’t allow for any variation in structure and variation – which is one of the most important things, to see how bodies are made up and different,” the doctor explains.
He is sure that the exhibition can be very useful for medical students and individuals who have less time for the study of anatomy. “It is even more important to have these unique specimens to give them both a greater understanding of anatomy and some sense of the variation of the human organism,” doctor says.

The exhibition uses 14 full body human specimens and over 200 organs to tell the story of the miraculous systems at work within each of us every second of our existence. Rooted in the historical precedent set by such great anatomists as Vesalius and da Vinci, each full body specimen is dissected to best reveal the function of a complete anatomical system and to show the system’s relationship to the body as a whole. The full body specimens are complimented by presentation cases of related individual organs, both healthy and diseased, that provide an even more detailed look into the elements that comprise each system.

The exhibition takes visitors through galleries, providing a close-up and personal look inside the skeletal, muscular, reproductive, respiratory and circulatory systems of the human body.
The remarkable exhibition is both fascinating and educational, having been used as a teaching aid within the medical profession in cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Dublin, Vienna and Athens. The “Bodies Revealed” exhibition will enlighten, empower, fascinate and inspire all its visitors and makes a deep impression on those who see it.
The organizers of the exhibitions say that all of the specimens in the exhibition were obtained through the Dalian Medical University Plastination Laboratories in China.

The exhibition has been a particularly big hit with school groups and university professors, who have taken advantage of the exhibition’s unique opportunity to see the human body in its rawest form and ravaged by disease and illness.
Countless visitors have remarked that the knowledge gained from the experience has provided them with a new connection to their own bodies. Others claim a new reverence for life and a desire to take a more preventative approach to their health care. To quote writer and philosopher John Conger, whose words are displayed at the exhibition: “Without the body, the wisdom of the larger self cannot be known.”

“The show was really amazing, I will recommend everybody to go and see it; it is really worth seeing,” said Elena Semjonova, a 35-year-old Estonian citizen.
“As for me, this exhibition is a good chance to get to know our body better and understand how we can destroy our health by smoking or drinking,” said 46-year-old Evelyn Tamm.