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Latvia's human trade in misery

RIGA - There are concerns Latvia's worsening economic situation is behind a rise in an insidious hum

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Helping hand from the Baltics: Lithuania deepens support for Georgia

VILNIUS - Reeling from the political and socioeconomic fallout from the war with Russia last August,

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Non-Estonian teachers fear mass job loss

TALLINN - Lyudmilla Andreichuk is an English teacher at a private school in Tallinn. In addition to

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Nights in the underground

RIGA - It's another Friday night in one of Riga's premier underground havens. In the semi darkness a

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Young bands need amping up

VILNIUS - Abba comes from Sweden, U2 comes from Ireland, Rammstein comes from Germany, A-ha is Norwe

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The phenomenon of smart beauty

Once I was invited to a formal party given by an embassy. The party was nothing special, but years l

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Same sex doesn't equal same rights

RIGA - Prejudice towards homosexuality remains so entrenched in Latvian society there is even a euph

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Cinema springs to life

VILNIUS - Fantastic films from across the world will be coming to Vilnius on March 19 for the two we

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Customer satisfaction reaches historic low

TALLINN - Horror stories of wretched service and second-rate products are becoming increasingly comm

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The tide turns on an icy tradition

RIGA - The crouched figures of Latvia's ice fishing enthusiasts are a ubiquitous site across the cou

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