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'Kings of the dance' coming to Tallinn!

Early this November all of you ballet admirers will have the opportunity to experience a unique inte

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Festival brings new wave of popular music

RIGA - Russian pop, with its flashy performers and saccharine lyrics, is certainly an acquired taste

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The song remains the same

VILNIUS - Folk music has kept the culture of the Baltic states intact and guided their people throug

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Interior design going strong

TALLINN - At a time of great stress for many both at home and at work, it's good to hear that the Ba

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Midsummer night to remember

RIGA - Bonfires, beer, dancing, jumping over fires and all-night-long parties are a central theme to

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Crisis just another fad

VILNIUS - Many times during my tenure in Vilnius I have fallen in love with fleeting moments of rest

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Crisis that's good for the soul

TALLINN - In a world full of endless negative headlines we can look to Estonian church views on the

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A lesson in understanding

TALLINN - A well-known VK Private School in Tallinn, which was given a 10,000 euro grant as part of

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Rediscovering real society

VILNIUS - Countries like the Baltics that were released from communism and thrown headlong into capi

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Raising 'Citizens of the World'

RIGA - The education system is a hot topic in Latvia. Teachers and students have taken to the street

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