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BEEKEEPING: A day in the life of a Latvian beekeeper

Even people who don't insects like this one. The honey bee has had a symbiotic relationship with man

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CITY PROMO: Homegrown advertising in the culture capital

VILNIUS - During its year as the European cultural capital in 2009, Vilnius is employing new and inn

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CITY PROMO: Latvia's halfhearted tourism ads

RIGA - At Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, signs proclaim Riga "Europe's new party capital."

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CITY PROMO: Move over, Paris: Tallinn is the city of romance

It is a competitive business. Not only are tourism board competing with their neighbors they're comp

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MARKETS: Local handicrafts 's made in China International sources for local handicrafts

TALLINN - That hand-crafted Estonian souvenir you picked up at the open-air market may be less Eston

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MARKETS: Little to show for Kalvarijai renovations

VILNIUS - Despite Kalvarijai Market's massive renovation, sales are slipping and vendors say it stil

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MARKETS: Diverse food market thriving inside German zeppelin hangars

"Are you going to Scarborough fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme" the Simon and Garfunkel numbe

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GOLF - Sporting life in a country park

VILNIUS - Lithuania has never been perceived as golf country, but Capitals Golf Club in Vilnius is w

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GOLF - Lithuanian clubs a few shots behind

VILNIUS - Golf in Lithuania started with a bang but is now living hand-to-mouth, waiting for people

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GOLF - Amateurs gear up for huge tourney

The courses are mown, the clubs are ready and the prices are affordable. The crowds, however, are st

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