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CAMPING - Go wild in the country

RIGA  - Despite the typical Baltic desire to be close to nature, surprisingly few campsites off

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CAMPING - Campers trashing national parks

VILNIUS - Pristine countryside is a drawcard of the largely underdeveloped tourism industry of the B

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Concerts & Festivals - Beer, beer, more beer and some music

TALLINN - "Everybody will be there." That's the slogan of Ollesummer (Beer Summer)Cynics say

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Concerts & Festivals - Nation catches Festival Fever

The disappointingly chilly summer is about to warm up with the eighth annual Riga's Ritmi Jazz Festi

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Concerts & Festivals - Culture loses out to the hard stuff

VILNIUS - Festivals in Lithuania are suffering. It is too difficult for independent organizers to in

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BIOFUELS - A blessing or a curse?

A yellow blanket is spreading across Europe. In this age of enviro

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BIOFUELS - Biocars are coming to a petrol station near you

VILNIUS - Lithuanian drivers are already using biofuels in their cars, many without knowing it. At t

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HEALTH - Cosmetic surgery gets new face

The word is out. If you want to stay young and beautiful 's on a budget 's come to the Baltic states

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HEALTH - Patients without borders

TALLINN -  Thousands of years ago, Greek pilgrims discovered Epidauria. A small territory in th

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HEALTH - Insurance problems plague Lithuania

VILNIUS - If there was one sentence that sums up Lithuania's medical system, it would be "you have t

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