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SACRAL TOURISM: Pilgrims flood to small town, The Assumption of Mary

RIGA - On Aug. 15, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will flock to a small agricultural town in east

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SACRAL TOURISM: Poles coming, but without their purses

VILNIUS - Polish tour groups are the most common but least profitable religious tourists that come t

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SACRAL TOURISM: Modern pilgrimage is a low key affair

It may be sacrilegious to call it an industry, but centuries ago the Church made huge profits out of

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CAFES - Industry cooling down

Someone not so famous once wrote that civilizations needed three things: democracy, good governance

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CAFES - Coffee pioneers

TALLINN - In a recession people usually spend only on necessities, yet amazingly a recent survey sho

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CAFES - Terraces a sunshine goldmine

VILNIUS - During the short summer in Lithuania, the sounds of music, chatter, laughter and clinking

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BIKES - On a road to nowhere

Nothing beats the rush of cruising down the highway on a motorcycle. You feel immortal, especially i

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BIKES - History on two wheels

TALLINN - Manufacturers can slap together a motorcycle in an afternoon, but it takes Urmas Teearu up

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BIKES - Biker gangs of Latvia

RIGA - Motorcycles in Latvia have a long history 's one of the longest in Europe. And while the rest

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CAMPING - Let's get back to nature

Now that summer is here, it is time to enjoy nature. Just make sure that you do not trash it. 

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