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BIOTECHNOLOGY: LFor biotech firms, bigger is far better

VILNIUS - Companies in Germany and the United States have routinely poached good scientists from the

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BIOTECHNOLOGY: Latvian biotech industry rising from the dead

For those who grew up watching horror movies, biotechnology means smoked filled Victorian laboratori

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FARMING: New farm equipment a boon for some

VILNIUS - Farming technology in Lithuania is being upgraded in order to increase production, but imp

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FARMING: Organic farms see growth spurt from EU funds

RIGA - Organic farms in Latvia have been growing at a steady rate, nearly tripling in number since 2

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FARMING: Small farms facing big hurdles

Are Baltic people really close to the land anymore? They like to think that they are, but the realit

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AMUSEMENT PARK: Wet, wild and out of this world

RIGA - Water parks may be a dime a dozen, but the Livu Akvaparks literally rises above the competiti

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AMUSEMENT PARK: Welcome to wonderland

TALLINN - There are no traditional amusement parks in Estonia, with carousels and cotton candy, but

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A South Pacific island in Northern Europe

One thing is for sure, they are not going to build a Disneyland in Tallinn any time soon. Some would

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BEEKEEPING: A village tradition

VILNIUS - More and more Lithuanians are getting traditionally crafted honey from friends and family

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BEEKEEPING: Natural healers sweet on health benefits of honey

TALLINN - "Honey includes more than 500 useful ingredients 's it's impossible to write it all in 600

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