Welfare State Blues

  • 2008-10-09
After recently having read Mr. Obama's book, "Dreams of my father," I am left with the impression of a well meaning man, who has experienced a confusing youth, having identity problems whether he was in Hawaii, Kenya or Chicago.

Partly an angry and aggressive young man, when it comes to his feelings for the poor Africans, and the poor African Americans in particular. His work both as a so-called "grassroot organizer" as well as his law practice, has been directed towards supporting these somewhat disillusioned people. I am not saying Mr. Obama has a hidden agenda, just that there might be serious sides of his personality and goals that are not properly displayed during his campaign. Some of these sides have appeared in one-to-one interviews, but are not sufficiently clear.

Being born a Norwegian, I can not help drawing comparisons to the well meaning left wing social democrats of Norway, and their aggression towards capitalists in general, and their dream of a local county and state administration that will take each individual from cradle to grave regardless of own wrong-doings, lack of work or education, and lack of making an own living, or keeping a family together.

This has so far lead to areas with disability welfare covering up to every sixth person, partly due to lack of working opportunities, the highest sick leave levels in Europe, with 100 percent compensation of course, and a school rated among the less competent in Europe. In spite of this there are no grades in the lower classes, in order to not disappoint or discourage any of the young people, as there also are sport competitions with no winners, in order to encourage participation, not winning ambitions.

So, the question is if the U.S. voter is prepared to take steps in this direction, by electing Mr. Obama? I hope not, and I hope never. This is something different than the Democratic Party under Kennedy and Clinton. Read the book, and judge for yourself, but do it before the election.

R.H. Berntsen,
A U.S. citizen in Estonia


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