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Four students from Belarus arrive in Estonia

Four young people from Belarus Monday arrived in Estonia on Oct. 16, in order to continue their stud

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Georgian defense reps visit Latvia

A group of representatives from the Georgian Defense Ministry and the National Defense Academy are s

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Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Queen Elizabeth II began her tour of the Baltic nations on Oct. 16, flying in to Vilnius A

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Party backs Laar for prime ministerial candidate

TALLINN - Former Estonian prime minister Mart Laar will again contend for the post in next year's ge

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Estonian authorities permit Probo Koala to leave

TALLINN - The controversial ship Probo Koala has been given permission to leave Estonia after its ca

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Fifty kilos of explosives found in the well of abandoned Latvian house

A total of 54 kilos of explosives were found that were hidden in a well at an abandoned farmstead in

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Estonia: Toxic waste ship to head to Sillamae, Vaivara for cleaning

The tanker Probo Koala, detained by the Estonian authorities last month as a piece of evidence in a

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Only 21 percent of available EU funds have been used in Lithuania

Lithuania is running out of time to use financial assistance from the European Union - latest report

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Estonia supports Ban Ki-Moon

TALLINN - Estonia backs the election of South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon as U.N. se

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Bank of Latvia receives suspicious envelopes

RIGA - The Latvian Food and Veterinary Service is checking several suspicious envelopes sent to the

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