Estonia: Toxic waste ship to head to Sillamae, Vaivara for cleaning

  • 2006-10-13
  • By TBT staff
The tanker Probo Koala, detained by the Estonian authorities last month as a piece of evidence in a toxic waste probe in Ivory Coast, is to leave the port of Paldiski and head to the port of Sillamae to deliver hazardous waste. Authorities originally planned to transport the waste to Sillamae by a smaller ship, but to save time, it was decided to offload the slops from the Probo Koala straight onto trucks in Sillamae, spokespeople for the Environment Ministry said. The waste will then travel to a treatment center 200 kilometer away in Vaivara. In Vaivara, the oily parts will be separated and then burnt off with other oily waste. The ship's agent said treatment of the noxious substance could cost at least 2.5 million kroons (159,700 euros). The event has spiked a debate in the EU about whether or not the offloading of waste from ships should be tightened.