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Adamkus celebrates his 80th anniversary

VILNIUS -- Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus is turning 80 on Friday and will spend his anniversar

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Reform Party launches new campaign

TALLINN 's Estonia's ruling Reform Party on Nov. 2 launches a campaign to publicize its political vi

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Lines of trucks on Latvian-Russian border decreases

RIGA - The long lines of trucks waiting to cross the Latvian-Russian border decreased Friday morning

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Kalvitis continues to lead the next government

Latvian president Vaira Vike-Freiberga, after meeting with current Prime Minister Kalvitis today, an

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Rumsfeld thanks Estonia for the help in Iraq and Afghanistan

U.S.A. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld thanked Estonia for participating in the Iraqi and Afgha

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Vilnius court upholds ruling on Uspaskich's arrest

The Vilnius District Court on Oct. 31 upheld the ruling of a lower court which authorized the arrest

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Latvian ID cards to be issued in 2008

The Latvian government on Oct. 31 passed an amendment calling to begin issuing personal ID cards in

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Meeting focuses on Soviet graves in Estonia

A nonprofit association based in Maardu, outside of Tallinn, is organizing a roundtable on the statu

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FBI targets Lithuanian citizen over fraud

VILNIUS - A 20-year old Lithuanian man has been targeted by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Ship sinks in heavy storms

TALLINN - Heavy storms that struck the Baltic Sea region forced the cancellation of flights and sea

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