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InfoBalt works hard to promote IT sector

VILNIUS - E-commerce. The New Economy. Dot-coms. Internet entrepreneurs. These are just some of the

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Off the wire

NEW PENSION FUND: The Estonian bank Uhispank on Sept. 21 submitted papers to the Securities Inspecto

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Two shareholders race for shares

RIGA - A minority shareholder in Latvia's second largest bank Unibanka made an unofficial offer in t

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Hansapank ATM fraud affects many

TALLINN - A debit card scam at an automated teller machine (ATM) in one of Tallinn's shopping center

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Fuel feud in Ziemelblazma train station

RIGA - Latvia's turn from importing fuel to exporting has brought conflicts costing fuel retailers m

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Uhispank sentenced to pay 56.6 mln kroons once frozen in Russia

TALLINN - A Tallinn municipal court made a landmark ruling Sept. 19 ordering Uhispank to pay 56.6 mi

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Latvia's fierce youth

A joint meeting of Latvian and European Union MPs added to criticism of the country's justice system

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Youth happy with life

VILNIUS (BNS) - Most young people in Lithuania are, in essence, satisfied with their present life. H

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Rebels release Lithuanian hostage

VILNIUS - Colombian rebels on Sept. 20 released Lithuanian Vladimir Molodcov and Russian Vladimir

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Officials object reparations' route

VILNIUS - The Nazis sent hundreds of thousands of people to slave labor camps in Germany and Austria

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