Youth happy with life

  • 2000-09-28
VILNIUS (BNS) - Most young people in Lithuania are, in essence, satisfied with their present life. However, they tend to think that the country's condition is worsening.

This is according to a survey on the situation of young people in Lithuania ordered by the state Council for Youth Affairs and the Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations and carried out by "Spinter."

Sixty five percent of respondents are satisfied with their present life, though 60.8 percent think that the situation in Lithuania is worsening.

Fifty one percent of respondents are pessimistic about their career prospects and 72 percent would like to live and work in a foreign country.

The survey shows that financial conditions of 40 percent of young people polled are satisfactory.

About 80 percent of young people, including the employed, are supported financially by their parents, who provide them with things like food.

About 72 percent of respondents have never and will never try drugs. However, the figure in a similar survey in 1994 was 84 percent. About 12 percent of respondents said they had never tried drugs, but would try them in future to satisfy their curiosity and nearly 13 percent admitted using drugs one to three times.

Most young people are favorable toward the European Union aspirations of Lithuania, though there are many who have not made up their mind. About 39 percent would vote for NATO membership, while 35.4 have not made up their mind yet. About 9 percent of respondents would vote against EU and NATO membership.