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Off the wire

STAFF CAN ASK FOR INSOLVENCY: A proposed amendment to Latvian insolvency and bankruptcy laws will al

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Tallinn's central square for sale

TALLINN - Tallinn's city government submitted to the City Council a plan for discussion of the sale

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Latvia to trade forest for pulp

RIGA - Two foreign wood products companies, Sodra Cell from Sweden and Finland's Metsaliitto, ha

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Estonian yacht sails around the world

DARWIN, Australia - Marking the half-way point in its trip around the world, the 13.3-meter Estonian

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Goethe Institute inaugurated in Vilnius

VILNIUS - The Vilnius Goethe Institute, one of over a hundred worldwide, was officially inaugura

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Lithuanian citizen kidnapped

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Vladi-mir Molodcov and Russian Vladimir Larin were kidnapped by Colombian rebel

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Parliament law on wartime events provokes scandal

On Sept. 12 the Lithu-anian Parliament adopted a law on recognition of the statement, "Declaration o

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Latvia aiming for early EU accession

RIGA - Latvia is preparing to be among the first new entrants to the European Union, Foreign Ministe

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Voru residents live in fear of explosion

TALLINN (BNS) - A military ammunition depot in Voru, where anti-tank mines are kept, has residents a

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Estonian fishing vessel arrested

TALLINN (BNS) - The crew of an Estonian fishing vessel, Lootus 2, caught illegally fishing in intern

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