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Fighting against drugs

VILNIUS - The City of Vilnius last week sponsored a two-day international conference entitled "AIDS

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The Dream is over?

VILNIUS - It nearly happened, but lady luck wasn't on Lithuania's side. On Sept. 21, at the Olympic

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Latvian, Welsh - languages with a similar struggle

Baltic people and those living several thousand kilo-meters away in Wales have much in common. A

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Graffiti - joy to the city

The police harass teenagers who spray graffiti on walls. However, even architects say that graffiti

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Poems on asphalt

Unlike most graffiti artists, who tend to express their general negative attitude to the whole w

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Visa - a political weapon

Governments increasingly are using visas to promote a variety of political goals far broader than th

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The Latvian Parliament's failure last week to appoint ex-Finance Minister Edmunds Krastins, one of t

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Baltic share prices stabilize

The recent rapid growth of Baltic stock exchange indexes came to a halt in the outgoing week as pric

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Estonian transport minister at Saint-Petersburg conference

Estonia's minister of transport and communi-cations Toivo Jurgenson took part in the second internat

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Canada's second Baltic Express rolls in Vilnius

VILNIUS - The Baltic Express II, a mission of Canadian business people and government officials, rec

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