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Estonians want non-Estonians to leave

TALLINN (BNS) - Nearly half of ethnic Estonians in Estonia believe the country would benefit from no

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Meri appoints legal chancellor

Choice proves unpopular with opposition partiesTALLINN - For three months, Estonia has gone witho

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Off the wire

KOUTS NOMINATED FOR ARMY CHIEF: Following a meeting with parliamentary factions and the standing

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Russia's Baltic Fleet ready to help Baltics

KALININGRAD, Russia (BNS) - Russia's Baltic Fleet is ready to help Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

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Baltic leaders address U.N. Millennium Summit

TALLINN - Though some argued that the U.N. Millennium Summit in New York was more about ceremony and

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Gene technology top specialists come to Estonia

TALLINN - An international gene technology forum organized by the Estonian Genome Center Foundation

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Apartment scandal threatening Tallinn power bloc

TALLINN - The privatization policy of the former heads of the Central Tallinn Borough, Juri Ott and

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UNPO conference indignant over Chinese occupation of Tibet

TALLINN (BNS) - A conference of the Unrepresented Nations and People's Organization (UNPO) which beg

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Communism tribunal cuts Li Peng's visit short

VILNIUS - Chinese Parliamentary Chairman Li Peng's planned two-day visit to Lithuania was unexpe

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Leftists call for "non-violent" resistance

RIGA - Calls for "non-violent" resistance to new language law regulations put into place Sept. 1 hav

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