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Companies will be advised on software piracy

TALLINN - In an effort to choke the steady stream of illegal software making its way into Estonia, a

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Aldaris brewery to bottle Pepsi Cola products

RIGA - The Latvian brewery Aldaris formally opened production of Pepsi Cola International company's

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Neighbors unify pollution standards

TALLINN (BNS) - A joint Estonian-Russian committee on the protection of cross-border water bodies is

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House of Memory

A group of Lithuanian intellectuals has recently formed an officially registered non-governmental or

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High hopes for Latvia in Sydney

The biggest sporting event of 2000 starts this week in Sydney and 45 athletes from Latvia will be on

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Parliamentary election derby starts in Lithuania

VILNIUS - The Central Electoral Commission announced recently that 27 political parties presented th

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Lithuanian National-Socialist Party's headquarters raided

VILNIUS (BNS) - Lithuanian police raided the central headquarters of the unregistered Lithuanian

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Public transport is losing out

RIGA - The number of passengers carried by Riga's public transport has dropped from 772,000 in 1998

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Second forum on Kalejs and Ozols this week

RIGA - A second international conference on alleged Nazi war criminals Konrads Kalejs and Karlis Ozo

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Parliament refuses to expel Adamsons

RIGA - The day the Latvian Parliament voted against lifting MP Janis Adamsons' immunity, former Just

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