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Pinochet: The Legacy

The little secret at the heart of the Pinochet affair is that the Chilean ex-dictator never face

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How about a happy, positive editorial? It can be done. Let's say that a World of Good month decl

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Soviet hotel gets facelift

Construction work on the Soviet-era Hotel Latvia will start this summer. Elina Cerpa reports.Th

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Legendary Latvian sportswoman

Ten years down the track, gentle giantess Ula Semyonova talks about her remarkable career as an

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Estonia: Senior banker supports early unilateral adoption of euro

In a proposal that has split the small Baltic country's political and business elite, some senio

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Earnings of the Baltic List companies

Estonia The insurance company Hansapanga Kindlustus collected 120.1 million kroons ($7.87 mi

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Baltic blue-chips continue advance

Baltic blue-chips continued to gain last week, with the Baltic Index of the 13 Baltic List stock

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Summed up

SUGAR SMUGGLERS BEET RECORD: Illegal sugar detained at the state border in 1999 soared by 23 tim

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Latvia losing out as oil export route?

RIGA (BNS) - Latvia's port of Ventspils may be losing its preeminent role as the northwestern ex

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Lattelekom files new tariff on higher rates

RIGA (BNS) - Lattelekom telecommunications company on Jan. 18 submitted to the Telecommunication

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