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Times tough for Lithuania's jobless

VILNIUS - Unemployment in Lithuania has broken the 10% threshold for the first time since the co

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Privatization rolls on

By Rokas M. TracevskisVILNIUS - The Lithuanian left opposition has demanded a stop to privati

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Baltics in Brief

EX-PREMIER TALKS TOUGH (AGAIN): Responding to the recent critical remarks of his bitter rival, C

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Gubernija brewery tops in export suds

SIAULIAI (ELTA) - Gubernija brewery topped Lithuanian beer exporters in 1999, selling abroad 45,

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Estonia to buy radar with Nordic help

TALLINN (BNS) - The Estonian Defense Ministry plans to carry through a failed public procurement

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Trade center bash raises 8,100 lats

RIGA - A New Year's Eve charity auction at an Ernesto Preatoni enterprise brought in money for f

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Estonia's fund aided 866 migrants in 1999

TALLINN(BNS) - The migration fund with the Estonian citizenship and migration board last year pr

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Parliament to change income declaration rules for state officials

VILNIUS (ELTA) - The Parliament kicked off debates Jan. 11 on draft amendments to the law on pro

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Estonia gets list of tasks from NATO for achieving membership

TALLINN (BNS) - NATO in late December presented a list of tasks to Estonia to be fulfilled durin

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By stick, foot and ski, Latvian athletes make the news

RIGA - A handful of Latvian athletes, from footballers to biathletes, have been making news arou

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