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Nazi hunter doubts political will of Latvia

RIGA - Without the political will of the Latvian government, alleged war criminal Konrads Kalejs wil

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Survey rates happy spots around globe

TALLINN - Is the glass half-empty or half-full? In Lithuania, it appears from a recent international

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Talbott backs NATO membership

TALLINN - The United States will continue to support Estonia's integration into NATO despite Russia'

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Modern dentistry waiting for Lithuanians to open wide

Improved techniques and dentistry equipment are available, but memories of old ways from old days ke

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Latvian court to consider extradition of Estonian drug suspect to France

RIGA (BNS) - The Supreme Court Senate on Feb. 1 will consider the appeal against a decision by the L

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No special compensation for children of dead heroes of Latvia's 'barricades'

Each January people who took part in barricading Latvia's parliament and state buildings and familie

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Survey scores Baltics for their forest abuse

TALLINN – Latvia and Estonia ranked slightly lower than Lithuania on a new survey released by an int

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Trolleybus and bus drivers want more money

VILNIUS - Vilnius public transport drivers launched a precautionary two-hour strike in Vilnius on Ja

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Latvia convicts war criminal on murder of nine

RIGA — A Riga court last week convicted Soviet hero turned war criminal 77-year-old Vasily Kononov t

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Dozens of thousands see Vilnius Cathedral treasure

VILNIUS - A sensational exhibition of the work of goldsmiths, known as the "Vilnius Cathedral T

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