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Baltic List stocks gain momentum

Bucking the world trend in stock markets, most of the shares on the new Baltic List posted consi

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Summed up

LATVIANS LIKE OPEL: In 1999, "Opel Astra", with 206 registered cars, is the most popular new pas

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Coming out leaner - better for new growth

Last year was the vitality test for the Baltic economies as the impact of the foreign credit cru

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Preatoni Pank loss at 4 million kroons in 1999

TALLINN (ETA) - Preatoni Pank, founded in October 1999 by Italian businessman Ernesto Preatoni,

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Lithuania Telecom to offer hour of free calls

VILNIUS(BNS) - Lithuania's phone company will continue to buy good will with cost-free conversat

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Rivalry runs high in Lithuanian gas business

VILNIUS (BNS) - A new natural gas supplies company has been set up in Lithuania in what the pres

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Eesti Telefon's new tariffs under fire

TALLINN (ETA) - If the fixed-line telephone company Eesti Telefon, a monopoly, does not submit a

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Investor prefers Estonian citizenship

Ernesto Preatoni, an investor in the Baltics, has changed his citizenship from Italy to Estonia.

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Skanska acquires the Estonian construction company EMV

TALLINN - One of the world's largest construction companies, Skanska, is expanding and strengthe

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NRG deal due for ink

TALLINN - A privatization deal four years in the making between U.S. energy company NRG Energy a

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