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Pact could bring Kalejs to Latvia

RIGA - More than 18 months after it was first approached by Australia, Latvia started work on es

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Putin and the 'Italians of the North'

Society wants the restoration of the guiding and regulatory role of the state in accordance with

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Latvia doesn't need outside comment on the Skrastins affair. The elements of the drama are out

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Some issues closed in 1999, others continue

NKVD convictions: Mihkail Neverovski was the fourth former Soviet security worker convicted for

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Foreign ministers stand by each other

Baltic foreign ministers - Estonia's Toomas Ilves, Latvia's Indulis Berzins and Lithuania's Algi

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Lauded in foreign press, Meri snubbed at home

Estonia's president has been hailed by the in-ternational press as a reformer and an optimist an

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The phones ring, but nobody answers

The Lithuanian Justice Ministry has a registry of 37 political parties; but in reality, in Lithu

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Latvian student visits Mark Twain's home town

Hannibal is very nice town. For Americans it is small, but for me it is big, because in Latvia,

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Mrs. Jurnas' life touches three centuries

As the Baltics start a new millennium with hope for prosperity and excitement, Joseph Enge s

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Earnings of the Baltic List companies

Estonia As a result of the new income tax law, Hansapank will re-enter into its profit report

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