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Belarus Embassy initiates talks over sanatorium

VILNIUS(ELTA) - On Jan 6 the Health Ministry of Lithuania hosted a meeting, on the initiative of

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Court to investigate farmers' claims

VILNIUS (ELTA) - The Higher Administrative Court of Lithuania plans to get down to investigation

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Finnish Valio to buy Estonia's largest dairy

TALLINN (ETA) - Finnish dairy concern Valio plans to buy Estonia's largest dairy Shinenud Meiere

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Lithuanian politicians are optimistic about EU

VILNIUS - European Union leaders officially invited Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia, Bulgaria

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Orthodox Christmas candles glow in Latvia

RIGA - The third largest religious group in Latvia, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated Chris

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Parliament politically pressures prosecutors

RIGA - Parliament and its investigation committee should have no authority in criminal procedure

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Nose count will put jobless Estonians to work

TALLINN - On March 31 Estonia will begin its first housing and population census since the resto

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U.S. congressman urges war crimes prosecutions

TALLINN - U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, on a visit to the Baltic states last week, urged continue

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The view on Kalejs

From the beginning, it was clear the Simon Wiesenthal Center's discovery of Konrads Kalejs would

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A New Year's jail break, sort of

RIGA - Probably no one enjoyed New Year's Eve more than six prisoners from Latvia's minimum secu

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