Lattelekom files new tariff on higher rates

  • 2000-01-20
RIGA (BNS) - Lattelekom telecommunications company on Jan. 18
submitted to the Telecommunications Rates Council its proposals on
changes in the telephone tariffs to be effective April 1.

The proposal envisages increase in telephone line subscription cost
to residents by 0.35 lats, from 3.54 lats ($6.06) to 3.89 lats, value
added tax included.

The proposal also envisages to change structure for calls from
payphones. It is planned to increase by 0.02 lats the connection fee
and reduce by 0.02 lats the tariff for domestic long-distance calls,
as well as reduce tariffs for calls to mobile phones and for calls to
specialized state's telecommunications networks whose phone number
begins with 58. All amounts cited include VAT.

The proposal will reduce by 34.8 lats the payment for installation of
a phone line, down from the present 70.8 lats to 36 lats, VAT

It is planned to reduce tariff for calls to mobile phones by 2.42
santims to 20 santims, down from the present 22.42 santims, VAT

Big tariff discounts for phone calls in the evening hours and during
holidays also will remain effective. Lattelekom also will continue
offering the austerity tariff plan Choice No. 1 that, after the new
tariffs take effect, would be advantageous for subscribers using
telephone no more than 60 minutes in a month.

Presently the effective austerity tariff plan is advantageous for
people using telephone no more than 50 minutes in a month, the
company said.

The basic principle observed while developing the proposals is
continued balancing of tariffs to bring them to the actual costs and
taking into account the pace of the country's economic growth, the
company said.