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Year's end stirs no excitement in bank board rooms

TALLINN - Estonia's three largest banks released their financial results on Jan. 17. Hansapank and E

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Privatization becoming energized

VILNIUS - An overhaul of another massive segment of Lithuania's energy sector is drew nearer as the

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Summed up

THE BEET GOES ON: The parliamentary faction of For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK has papered internal

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Siemens receives $4 million for cost override

RIGA (LETA) – The Ministry of Internal Affairs transferred $4 million to the German concern Siemens

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EBRD pulls Gutta's loan

RIGA - As expected, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development last week officially withdr

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Only one of four pays the parking fine

TALLINN - Many citizens do not obey parking regulations in Estonia. The reason behind that probably

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Nokia celebrates its fifth

RIGA - Phone executives made wine all day at the SAS Radisson Daugava on Jan. 19. There were no pur

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Rapid consolidation awaiting Baltic IT sector

TALLINN (BNS) - The ownership structure of information technology companies in the Baltic states wil

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Ferry to Sweden now carrying passengers

RIGA - Motorists can lop off about 1,500 km from the time it takes to drive from Liepaja to Sweden b

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Lattelekom scores 50 million euros from EIB

RIGA (BNS) - Telecommunications monopoly SIA Lattelekom will get a 50 million euro loan from the Eur

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