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Lithuanians not eager for EU, European Committee says

VILNIUS (BNS) - There are more euroenthusiasts in Lithuania than eurosceptics, yet nevertheless many

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Diena puts its Russian edition to bed for good

RIGA – Latvia's leading national newspaper Diena is dumping its smaller daily Russian-language editi

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Estonia gets low Y2K rating

TALLINN - An independent British consulting group issued an unfavorable assessment of Estonia's Y2K

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KGB agents must register

VILNIUS - Persons who secretly cooperated with Soviet secret services from 1940 to 1990 must registe

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Latvia has achieved the object of its political lust: an invitation to the ball in Brussels, a go ah

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Europe: The Grand Gesture

It's just as well that the United States is not applying to join the European Union because it could

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Art that's too popular to be art?

The lighthearted works of Estonian painter and graphic artist Navitrolla have drawn a few disapprovi

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Beating winter at its own game

Baby, it's cold outside. Or, rather, it should be cold outside, but instead the Baltics have been su

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Ancient cures for new-world ills

As the winter weather refuses to shake off its grey pall, we all need a little warmth and comfort. V

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Estonian stock market retains leadership position

Telekom biggest mover in TallinnHansapank was the most traded issue on the Tallinn stock exchange

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