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The front line for truthful reporting

RIGA – The old saying that truth is the first casualty of war is being borne out in Chechnya as the

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Latvia is loudly silent on Chechnya

RIGA – A short television interview with a handful of Latvian men who divulged their plan to join th

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Project charts Estonia's gene pool

TARTU - It's been called Estonia's oil field: an untapped resource that could attract massive intern

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Baltics in Brief

DIPLOMATIC INCIDENT: The Polish Embassy to Lithuania has rejected reports about an incident involvin

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HIV plagues IV drug users

RIGA - In the fight against AIDS in Latvia, the free condom used to be the weapon of choice. Now, it

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Swedish program promotes Baltics

VILNIUS - Some are expecting the dawning of 2000 to bring nothing but trouble - ranging from glitche

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Paksas lands in Adamkus' office

VILNIUS - Former Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas did not remain unemployed long. This professional pi

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Teachers to walk again as Golde quits

RIGA – Failing a last-minute compromise tomorrow Latvia's public school teachers plan to strike regi

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Estonia's WTO dealers pack up for Seattle

TALLINN – For Estonia, membership into the World Trade Organization could not have come at a better

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Chechens backed in Vilnius

VILNIUS - Demonstrations against Russian aggression in Chechnya and Western indifference to this blo

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