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Making money from artful marketing

RIGA – Over the last 10 years Westerners in the Baltics have experienced deja vu watching products

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The Duma screams sanctions while Latvia yawns

RIGA — As Moscow's campaign season began to churn toward next month's parliamentary elections, Russi

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Chip maker eases crunch for spud farmers

KAUNAS - As winter sets in, some Lithuanian potato growers are finding themselves the beneficiaries

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Is Lithuania souring on America?

VILNIUS - Although Lithuanians still generally tend to regard America as a mighty pal, a recent poll

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Latvian culture minister ready to resign over National Opera's debts

RIGA – The Latvian government has chosen to keep the Latvian National Opera in business and the Cult

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EU gets high, but doesn't sweat it

BERLIN – An annual report on drugs and drug addiction in the European Union struck a calm note Nov.

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Lithuania calls upon U.S. Department of Justice in war-crime trial

VILNIUS(BNS) - The Lithuanian Appeals Court decided on Nov. 11 to apply to the U.S. Justice Departme

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President orders look at minister's wealth

VILNIUS(BNS) - Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus asked Prime Minster Andrius Kubilius on Nov. 12 t

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Cutting red tape may loosen purse strings

VILNIUS - It is better to give than to receive, so the old adage goes. But some Lithuanians claim th

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Military complains over lower defense spending

VILNIUS - Jonas Kronkaitis, Lithuanian army commander, met with President Valdas Adamkus on Nov. 16

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